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We are a web Development & Design Company in Jordan. if you want to get a CMS System we can offer Hoja CMS ©, as well as for E-COMMERCE CART SYSTEM we have Hoja Cart®.

If you require a very customized and sophisticated solution then definitely Hoja System© will meet your need.

For over more than 10 years we have been creating awesome solutions for our clients.

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Graphic Design

web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of a website.

Whatever your mobile application is providing a small service or it is a peer to peer application, our native iOS/Android developers or cross platform developers can achieve your success.

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If you have a web and you would like to keep it upto date, fix all bugs and guide you to the best web development solution then you are in the right place.

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Website Hosting

The most affordable web hosting ever. By our hosting arm Hoja Hosting can provide you the most reliable hosting, SSL in great price and finally domain names.

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Manaseer Group

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Manaseer Oil & gas

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Arabian Steel Pipes Co.

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Auntie Hanady's Cheesecake and Cookies

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Saudi Real Estate Development Company

IstanbulIT web development companyAbout us

July 2009 at the main door of Ministry of Industry and Trade, we were frustrated because of the registrar who refused all the prepared names for our new company. The main idea was establishing a 


which truely was a development company. Development does not mean "copy and paste" code or install free softwares and plugins and then deliver it to customer and then leave them with their pain.

The registrar was eating grapes and advising us to use a city name for our new company. We did not find any city in the Arab or Muslim world that can describe what we would like to achieve more than Istanbul. Istanbul contains the most beautiful image of the Islamic Empire and Civilization at the same time.

We are


who develop all our components in house; giving our clients unlimited number of changes, helping them to launch their websites and advice them to enter the market. Our objective is developing a Great Code in Great Price.



We are specialized in




;and Content Management Systems. However if you are looking for a . 

and Content Management systems. However if you are looking for

customized website development

that means you are in the right place. Please contact us and we will help you in system analysis in JORDAN or remotely though Skype, Hangout or any other application.

One of our key values is 

Linux Administrators

We specialize in Apache Serves, PHP, Mysql configuration and tuning; and any other related issues in Linux environments.




Our Website Design & Development company Located at
313 Queen Rania Abdullah St., Amman,








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